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New construction in growing Polk City.    »

407 West Bridge Road. Visit the Available Sites tab under Commercial at the top of the page for more information.

Blog: What are the Broadband needs in Polk City? »

What are the Broadband needs in Polk City? I think we have had good discussion on the golf cart & snowmobile issue for now.  So, I am going to go a different direction this week.  I want to talk to you about broadband in Polk City.  This is another issue that likely will draw many […]

Big Creek Technology Campus Sites Available »

Site Size: 32 acres of land for business development

New Business Complex »

Polk City‘s City Council voted on July 16thto sell the lot at 110 West Van Dorn St to RTT Properties for $32,500.  The company intends to build a one-story 6,800 square foot space for offices and retail businesses.  Teresa Rockwood is a partner in RTT Properties, along with Tom Gratias.  The developers will build seven […]

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