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Blog: New Development at Jester Business Group

New Development at Jester Business Group

I have a guest blogger today as I am trying to work in business spotlights.  It is extremely important to Think Local when purchasing!  Today’s blogger is none other than Bruce Beguhn & Dan Moellenbeck. 

Many people have been asking about the new building being built by Jester Business Group at the former site of the Bed Shed on the north end of Polk City next to Wolf Creek townhomes.

Owners Dan Moellenbeck and Bruce Beguhn are pleased to announce the beginning phase of a new, state of the art, indoor training center and competition track for pedal pull tractors.  Both men said that after sponsoring the pedal pull at the Polk City Festival for the last two years and seeing the hard work and effort put forth by the participants, Polk City was a prime location for this new training facility.

Pedal Pull’s startedpedal pull in the late 70’s when Jimmy Horseshoe and Ted Lambert decided to mimic their dad’s hot rod tractor pulling efforts using their toy pedal tractors.  The sport has grown radically from there.  Pedal Pulling is now a cottage industry with custom manufacturing of high performance parts, multiple equipment classes and backyard training centers for future pullers.

Moellenbeck said that seeing the joy on a young child’s face combined with the sweat and tears of the performance is what convinced him that this investment not only made sense but was necessary.

The yet to be named pulling center and training facility will include facilities for cardio training and weight lifting as well as a dining center for proper nutrition.  The highlight will be an indoor simulated pulling surface that will allow future competitors to practice on the same type of surface they will experience during a sanctioned pull on any town square in America.  State of the art pedal pull tractors will be provided for various age and weight groups and of course there will be a brand new ‘Iron Horse’ pulling sled.

The men said that interest has been very high and their new website www.pedalpullrocks.com has been getting inquiries from not only across the country but around the world.

Phase two of the project will be an outdoor arena with a genuine ‘city square’ pulling surface and include lights and a small grandstand to allow for night pulls and simulate the crowds for a true game day atmosphere.

The National Pedal Pullers Association (NPPA) has officially sanctioned this facility and recognizes it as the first of its kind in the world.

Moellenbeck says that Polk City will be the new world center for pedal pullers and the owners are proud to be part of it.  “I just wish something like this was available when I was a kid.”

PCDC was established to encourage a proactive business environment that results in a diversified and balanced smart growth of Polk City’s economic base and improves the quality of life.

Blog Author: John Calhoun is the executive director of PCDC and a Polk City resident.  


(Who says there is no humor in Polk City.  I believe my guest bloggers are actually sending me their real blog next week.  Happy Easter.)

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  1. Chip CAPALDO | Apr 21, 2014 | Reply

    I can see a big need for this type of facility. Because of this “world class” training facility the numbers of families that will come to Polk City will cause the hotel/motel to be at max capacity on almost every weekend. This will give the City much needed revenue through the hotel-motel tax. Not only that but it could cause the school district to start a competitive peddle pull team at the elementary school which would bring many new students to enroll through the open enrollment program. I can see where this facility will cause Polk City to rival the larger cities in central Iowa as a hub for entertainment in central Iowa. Of course my tounge is in my cheek and John is correct. Polk City does have a sense of humor.

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