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Blog: Is Polk City a Recreation Community?

Is Polk City a Recreation Community?

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I wanted to follow-up on last week’s blog about allowing golf carts on the streets of Polk City.  We had several comments on this issue and most of them were not in favor of allowing golf carts on city streets.  Now, I really don’t have a dog in this fight but really find the negative reaction to this kind of amazing.  I will expound on my bewilderment.

I suspect that the negative reaction would have been the same if I had blogged about allowing snow mobiles on city streets. This kind of reaction is inconsistent with the information I have received from focus groups and business meetings.  Time after time I have been told that the identity of Polk City should be that of a recreational community.  We needed to build on that identity to grow the economy of our community and help our businesses be successful.

snowmobile1So, as you can see, I am receiving conflicting information about what we want the identity of Polk City to become.  On one hand we want the benefits that being a recreational community provides i.e. a strong business community and on the other hand we don’t want the elements that go along with that identity.

I believe that, with a little strategizing and careful planning, that we could allow snowmobiles & golf carts without jeopardizing our community.  The result would be a strong business community and a strong community.

I would really like to hear your thoughts. Let me know how you feel by leaving me a comment below.

PCDC was established to encourage a proactive business environment that results in a diversified and balanced smart growth of Polk City’s economic base and improves the quality of life.

Blog Author: John Calhoun is the executive director of PCDC and a Polk City resident. 

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  1. Jim Annear | Apr 3, 2014 | Reply

    It seems to me a recreational community is defined more by what we have to offer for an individual or family that creates pleasure and stimulates activity as opposed to simply being able to drive golf carts/snowmobiles on our roads. Things like golfing, hiking, parks, swimming, walking, biking, boating, bowling, camping, etc., etc., many of which Polk City offers and are central to creating an overall branding of “recreation”.

    We do alot of things right and have some natural and man-made resources that give us a distinct advantage in the marketplace (i.e. Saylorville Lake, TCI, Big Creek, State Parks). We need to continue to play off of what we have and look to create things that aren’t currently offered (i.e. swimming pool, ball fields, more biking/hiking trails, restaurants, specialty shops, etc.).

    I’ve always thought that when I drive home from work and cross over the lake, I leave all the problems of the day behind me. That’s the feeling that we need to promote when a visitor comes to PC to play or live.

  2. Ed Lackore | Apr 4, 2014 | Reply

    Thanks for researching this topic and posing the question. I really think that we will have a strong business community and a strong community overall without allowing golf carts on our city streets. Especially, considering the growth we’ve seen over the last several years and the new construction going on in all 4 corners of the community. Traffic in and out of our city is getting heavier and more constricted. I think traffic delays are likely to develop and unintended consequences may result by exposing motorists to the road hazards of golf carts on their way to the 19th hole. I support local businesses and agree that many people appreciate our community for the high quality recreations we enjoy. I don’t think this is a good idea.

  3. Chip Capaldo | Apr 5, 2014 | Reply

    To answer your question, Polk City is a City for all Seasons. This doesn’t mean that Polk City should be a city that allows all manner of unsafe practices that could be associated with our motto of “A City for all Seasons”. By simply offering all types of activities for all seasons seems to have caused the population explosion that has occurred in our little town over the last 20+ years all the while remaining a friendly and safe city for our citizens both young and old. With the addition of a Doctor, Grocery store, Cafe, Golf Course, Business Park etc. over the past few years Polk City has become a more complete little city that attracts the type of recreation and business that will cause our town to remain a great place to live and recreate. As this growth continues we should guard against trying to be more that what people want which is a safe and friendly place to live.

  4. Mark Lambert | Apr 10, 2014 | Reply

    I don’t have a problem with golf carts on the city streets, but we should not allow snowmobiles, which can be below the line of sight of automobile drivers.

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