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Blog: Spring in Polk City

Spring in Polk City

Well, it is official; spring time has come to Polk City.  Or at least that is what the calendar says.  Spring time means many things to different people. It could mean baseball, softball, soccer, walking, running, or maybe golf.  Polk City just happens to have a GREAT golf course in the Tournament Club of Iowa (TCI).  TCI is a great asset to Polk City.  Many people have moved to Polk City to enjoy the small town feel and to take advantage of living on or near a golf course the quality of TCI. 


That brings me to the real subject of this blog.  The real subject is golf carts.  I get a lot of opinions on the subject of golf carts.  The real question that causes the discussion is not just golf carts but rather the question of whether golf carts should be allowed on city streets.  This is really a touchy subject to a lot of people but it needs to be discussed and that is what we are going to do.

As I previously mentioned, many people have moved to Polk City to be near the golf course and take advantage of golf course living.  Included in golf course living is the ability to drive your golf cart to the course.  To do this in Polk City, home owners would need to drive their carts on city streets. 

So the question is; should golf carts be allowed to drive on public streets in Polk City?

PCDC was established to encourage a proactive business environment that results in a diversified and balanced smart growth of Polk City’s economic base and improves the quality of life.

Blog Author: John Calhoun is the executive director of PCDC and a Polk City resident. 

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  1. Jim Annear | Mar 26, 2014 | Reply

    The bigger issue is whether or not the golf cart owner has liability coverage to drive the golf cart on public streets. Usually, liability coverage (an extension of a homeowners insurance policy and/or umbrella policy) would only allow coverage on a golf course or at a designated crossing area.

    So if the vehicle is not insured while on a public street, I don’t think access should be allowed.

    A good question for the Cupp Insurance guys to answer.

  2. Jeff Cupp | Mar 26, 2014 | Reply

    In response to Jim’s comments I agree that the question of liability coverage would be a concern that homeowners should look into. The liability coverage for a golf cart on public streets is handled differently by different insurance companies. As an independent insurance agency Cupp Insurance has numerous companies that we represent. At this time our carriers do offer liability protection for an insured who is driving their golf cart on public streets. Depending on the company the liability protection either comes through the homeowners policy or is written on a recreational vehicle policy. Since each company handles this situation differently the golf cart owner would want to check with their insurance agent.

    A concern that I would raise would be the safety issue of mixing golf carts with vehicles in a 35mph speed zone. Spring, Summer, and Fall traffic can be quite heavy in Polk City and I would think this could be a real concern.

  3. Chip Capaldo | Mar 26, 2014 | Reply

    In response to the subject of golf carts on city streets in Polk City, I have no problem allowing golf carts on city streets if they are licensed as motor vehicles to include headlights, taillights, turn signals, seatbelts, horns and any other essentials that a motor vehicle must have to be licensed in the State of Iowa to include insurance. I would expect that all golf carts would be driven by a licensed driver and would obey all traffic laws while driving on city streets. In reality I can see no advantage to private golf carts for play at The Tournament Club of Iowa as the golf course supplies golfers with a cart as part of the “membership” or green fee while playing the course. Adding golf carts to the traffic problem in Polk City would have only negative results on traffic in Polk City. I can see no possible upside to golf carts on city streets in Polk City.

  4. Ron Koontz | Mar 26, 2014 | Reply

    A reasonable and cost effective solution may be to request that TCI allow homeowners around TCI to drive private golf carts on golf cart paths to/from the TCI Clubhouse for use during paid golf rounds by the TCI homeowner and/or their family. A trail fee established by TCI would be fair to help offset the cost of golf course/cart path maintenance and loss of revenue with cart rentals. Non-TCI homeowners could transport their private carts to/from the TCI parking lot and use them during play if allowed by TCI with the golfer paying a trail fee. No cart licensing, street insurance, cart safety equipment, etc would be required. Private golf carts would not be driven on city streets but could be used at TCI or any other golf course allowing use of private carts.

  5. Bob Miller | Mar 27, 2014 | Reply

    Although living where we do, home to course access would be only a couple blocks on a non busy street, in general it’s hard for me to justify the need for carts on public streets. Under TCI’s current pricing I don’t see much advantage other than loading and unloading your clubs, and often there is staff assistance. I would be more interested in club storage so you’d be all saddled up when you arrived for your tee time.

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