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Blog: Should we light up the night?

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Should we Light up the Night?


I want to talk to you about a hot topic that I keep hearing about.  That is having fireworks at the Four Seasons Festival.  I actually hear about fireworks almost as much as I heard about getting a grocery store for Polk City.  There are a couple of different factors that are relevant discussion points about the pros & cons of fireworks.




The first factor is “when can fireworks be done”.  You know timing is everything and there are some real timing issues involved.  I don’t believe you can do fireworks on Friday or Saturday night due to the bands & street dances in the beer garden.  It doesn’t make any sense to pull people away from an activity that is a main fund raiser for the festival.

The second factor is “where can fireworks be done”.  There is not an ideal location to do fireworks in Polk City.  A desirable location is obviously where as many people can see them as possible.

The third and probably the most important factor is the cost of fireworks.  It is best to use a certified fireworks company.   The cost of a recommended 20 minute fireworks show is $1,000 per minute.  So at a bare minimum we are looking at 15-20 thousand dollars for a 20 minutes show.  Yep that’s right, 15 to 20 thousand dollars.  I believe we can solve the first when & where factors but I really have a hard time with the cost of fireworks.  What do you think?

I would really like to hear your thoughts. Let me know how you feel or leave me a comment below.  info@polkcitydevelopment.com

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Blog Author: John Calhoun is the executive director of PCDC and a Polk City resident. 

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  1. Nick Kirk | Feb 23, 2014 | Reply

    Hi John, I totally agree that fireworks are an expense that is not needed. Our festival is right behind the fourth of July followed by the Ankeny festival a week later. Not to mention the State fair right our festival. I think the demand for fireworks should be met with all that. I think if you were to spend that kind of money than maybe use it to lure a big name act on Saturday night. It seems to be stagnet that night versus Friday night. Also a thought would be to subsidize the Hotel with discounted or free stays and a free shuttle service to the square and possibly the closest campgrounds so people will stay longer in the evening and not worry about driving and to also make Polk City a weekend destination.

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